Here begins: Driven by Tweets!

This is my first entry and this blog has come about because of requests from attendees of the recent Egham Raspberry Pi Jam.
Pi Jam. The name evokes thoughts of food, but this is a "Jam session" as musicians would call a gathering together, and playing their own stuff, along with like minded others who would join in.

So, as I am not fully prepared for this (the 16th Egham Raspberry Jam was on the 15th October 2017- and as I write this it was yesterday!) there will not be the detail that some are hoping for. The complete list of projects is quite long, but not all were on show yesterday. A number of projects were intended for showing at the various Maker Faires that I have attended with my friend and collaborator Bob Derham.
So here is a general view of the Pi Jam. My items are in the bottom right corner of the photo.
On show I had the following:-
  1. Rubik cube simulator, controlled from a Raspberry Pi.
  2. A large biscuit tin with 2 panels of Neopixel LEDs wrapped around it. (32x8 LEDs on each) displaying a message and controlled from an Arduino Uno clone.
  3. A BBC Microbit-controlled challenge to get the two pointers to point at a *WIN* square. 
  4. A BBC Microbit -controlled robot chassis (Pololu), which drove about according to a pre-programmed sequence. Future enhancement is to add some sensors!
  5. A crazy clock with stepper motors and Neopixels, driven from an Arduino and a motor control shield from Adafruit.
  6. A scary robot head, activated by a shadow falling across the light sensor, and which then opened its horrible eyes, and snarled. Arduino Uno and servo control shield.
  7. A Mouse-like robot, which would wake up when approached (ultrasonic distance sensor) and move its head and beady little LED eyes, left and right, then sleep again. Arduino Nano controlled.
  8. An array of miniature Neon bulbs, which were flashing randomly. (an inverter circuit stepped up the voltage from a 9V battery to give about 100V to make the neons flash)
So, I've made a start, and now all I have to do is follow this up and fill in the blanks (aye-yi-yi).
I'm not promising great things, but I shall try and give details of all the projects and how they came about.
Until next time then...


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