Xylophone player construction. More progress.

The player progresses! I have cut the wire ties and affixed them with double sided tape, as I thought this would make them flex better. It seems to work!
Double sided "foam" tape holding the wire ties

 The other plan was to re-attach the solenoids using tape, but only some of them seemed to need it. Some which are fixed with hot melt glue do appear to be well fixed. Time will tell though! 
Here is a useful gadget for cutting the tape. (I found that scissors tended to get bits of the adhesive stuck to them so that the next cut was very difficult.)
They are small shears, which I think are sewing accessories, But they work well at cutting the double sided tape.

So now the solenoids are in place on the frame, and now I need to get busy soldering.
I have a couple of interfacing chips (ULN2803A) which are open collector drivers. The Pi GPIO will drive the inputs, and the solenoids will be on the outputs. The other connection to the solenoids will go to the 15V positive supply. The 0V (ground or earth) of the Pi and the 15V supply will be common.


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